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My Irish Summer August 29, 2012

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It was a few years back in January or something when I offered a friend of mine to visit me in summer and he replied, “Is there such a thing as an Irish Summer?” I have heard this sentence a plenty since then with different variations.

But I am going to make a strong statement here that I have not heard from anybody till date.

I love Irish summer. No kidding, I do.

Most of us just complain about too much rain and all that, but you know what? We do this just for the heck of it. Most of the time, we don’t really mean it. I recall may be 3 or 4 years back the sun was really pouring sunshine and heat. Standing on a bus stop, a lady just struck up a conversation with me.

“Ah, isn’t it so warm?”

You could probably guess what I would be feeling but I am happy that I was able to give her a faint smile in response and saved myself from sounding rude or anything.

So here goes the verdict.

Don’t listen to people. They just love shooting the bull. I probably read somewhere or heard somebody saying, I am not really sure, but it was something like:

When you love somebody or something, you talk about it a lot. This probably doesn’t hold very well in Ireland.

What if it rains here a lot?

What if the clouds win the battle most of the time?

Our summer is wonderful.

Ok tell me one thing.

Have you ever visited a country greener than Ireland?

At least I haven’t, and you know what, rain has a big part to play in that.

We see roads lined with trees and wide green fields with cattle grazing on them, what a wonderful sight, unique to summer only.

Do we want all that as well as no rain?

You don’t really get everything in life if you know what I mean.

Do I sound very sober?

Ok just leave it.

Let me tell you another side of it.

I love reading.

If I tell you the truth, I like Irish summer because I find many days to stay at home to catch some good reads. So, if you are a student or a researcher, you must appreciate Irish summer because it provides you ample time to complete your assignments.

Do I sound sarcastic?

God, why do you not think any positive about me?

I am not saying that it is always like that, you certainly get a few days when you can enjoy outings such as beaches, landscapes and all that. One really needs to go outing not so often. Isn’t it?

Good, at least you seem to be in agreement with me here. Then why complain Irish summer?

I know you trust me that I am not lying or anything, but still I have a few moments of my recent Irish summer that I saved to be able to share with you.


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Very Inspiring Blogger Award August 11, 2012

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I am really thankful to Rachelynne for nominating me for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award!”

I visited her blog and I found that really wonderful. I hope you like her blog as well.

Please visit

Here are the rules:

  1. Link back to the blogger who nominated you. Done! Please visit

  1. Post the award image to your page. Here it is!


3. Share 7 facts about yourself.

  1. I love to visit new places
  2. I am looking forward to make documentaries and short films one day. Hopefully by next year
  3. I love to walk and cycle whenever I get a chance
  4. I am a student of photography and learning new techniques everyday
  5. Lately I developed some interest in politics and International relations. Sounds strange?
  6. I am late night owl, always tried to change this habit of mine but all in vain.
  7. I am a good player of Cricket and have played for a few clubs of Ireland.

4. Nominate 15 other blogs and inform them about it. 

I was hard choosing 15 out of many, however, I have made an attempt.



So that’s it! Once again, thank you so much Rachelynne for appreciating my blog.



Murree, Pakistan August 9, 2012

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These pictures are of Murree and its surroundings. Murree is a hill station and summer resort northeast of Islambad, Pakistan.
These pictures were taken in 2010 in a very casual mood with no real intent to post them anywhere. I thought I must share it with
you as you might like them.
In summer time hundereds of people travel to an fro Murree because the temperature is very pleasant and it is sunny as well there. Schools and colleges in Pakistan are closed in summer because of summer vacations and there is a huge flux of visitors from warmer areas towards Murree. Hotels are fully booked in certain months and there is a lot of fun. I wish I could capture some of the main streets but I promise I will do the next time.
Take care.

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan


Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan


Murree, Pakistan

Murree, Pakistan